LDRP Policy

Making Delhi Beautiful With the New LDRA Policy and Scheme

Delhi has been shaping in a new style. The region has been beautified with the best ever design of the housing schemes in the regions that will help the people in all the ways. With the policies that were left on the storages now are implemented for the public. The State and the Central government knows that having a house in Delhi and providing a house to the common people of Delhi will rise to the contemporary style of living in Delhi. The Low-density residential area which is commonly known as DDA LDRA Policy has been implemented to beautify the city in style.

The main reason behind the scheme

We will make sure that the foremost aim is to make Delhi beautiful again that it has in the past. The city is running round the clock. So the people. Therefore it is our main duty to make the city beautiful in its own way. The DDA LDRP Plots are one of the schemes under the Delhi housing projects to make farmhouses in the outskirts of the region. These farmhouses are made in these regions to provide the people with a soothing life with luxury.

The facilities of the scheme

All the schemes that have been provided by us all are for the facilities that we want to provide to the people of Delhi. Farmhouses in Delhi NCR are now permitted to be built on 1 acres of land. In the earlier days, it was not permitted. The Government has marked some villages under this scheme which falls under the area of green belt. In these villages, the people of Delhi can build their own style of farmhouses. These farmhouses in Delhi NCR can be constructed within 8712 Square feet which is much bigger in size than the previous plan.

All these farmhouses will come under the control of the Authority of Delhi. We will provide you with the best ever class design of farmhouses that are shaping up in Delhi under the new schemes. These new schemes will also provide the common man with the most affordable range of farmhouses in those areas that are really beautiful with the beauty of nature. All the works will be done by us. We will request the people of Delhi to provide only the time when they are free from all the works. But you have to hurry. These are in limited and we will try our best to have one for you.