The Urban Development Ministry of the Indian Government has come up with revised plans regarding farmhouses known as Low-density residential area or simply known as LDRA. The plan had been around since 2013, but it has started to grow popular in recent months due to the massive curiosity around the Land pooling policy.

What are the reasons behind LDRA?

There are many reasons behind renaming farmhouses as LDRA. Firstly, in the urban places of the city, the farm houses were built in those regions where ground water has been depleted to a large extent, thus proving it to be problematic for people living there. There are a couple of environmental factors behind it too. The areas do not support a high density of people since there can be a heavy load on various civil infrastructure like roads, sewage lines, water supply, parking, etc. In the future, the term LDRA will define a new era in the city for farm houses.

What are the features of the new DDA LDRA policy?

There are 47 villages in the green belt area of the city where LDRP is permitted. It is now the only solution for people, who want to live lavishly. Some other features of the policy are as follows:

  • A decrease in the minimum area for farmhouses – Earlier, the minimum area for the construction of a farmhouse was 2.5 acre. Now, as per the new policy, a person can build just a 1 acre farmhouse now. Thus, people who have smaller plots can now think of building a spectacular farmhouse of 1 acre plots.
  • Increase in construction area – This is a great feature for people who are looking to own farmhouses in Delhi NCR region. They can construct a farmhouse of maximum 8712 sq. ft. The earlier permission was just 1000 sq. ft of construction.
  • The farmhouse will come under Delhi’s jurisdiction – The LDRA’s will be located in Delhi itself. They won’t be outside the city’s jurisdiction. So, they come within the municipal limits of Delhi and can be constructed away from the urban part of the city, thus proving to be a perfect location for a person to own legal and affordable farmhouses.
  • Lower prices – In Delhi, the present farmhouses are located mainly in Greater Kailash and the southern part of the city. The prices are not less than 50 crores for one house. It is difficult for the common man to own them, but with the new LDRP policy, their prices would be kept around 3-5 crores. In the future, they will be close to the Delhi Smart city.


So, the Delhi government is providing a good chance to people who are thinking of owning a bungalow. However, one should keep in mind the fact that these LDRA are limited in quantity. So, a quick decision must be made for getting the deal of a lifetime. The authority has also made provisions for making swimming pools, multipurpose basements and various other things for making it the complete mansion. The project is also highly profitable as experts believe there could be higher returns at the end.